The Only Woman at Gallipoli

Who was the only woman to step ashore in 1915?

The new book by JOHN HOWELL tells the amazing story


Congratulations on your book. I finished reading it yesterday and I believe it is a fine achievement. The extent of your research is mind-boggling, your writing is good, and your ability to determine the identity of the woman at Gallipoli beyond any doubt is truly impressive. You have taken readers on the research journey with you and were able to refine the story further. It gives a satisfying touch to the belief that a story never quite ends. Anyway, congratulations and Best Wishes. 

Ken Linnett - Author of: 'Tulloch: A Mighty Champion' 'Sequences for the Seventies' and 'Game for Anything: The Tommy Lahiff Story'

“I think it’s brilliant – beautifully written and easy to read. It got me sucked in and I couldn’t put it down. It is a fascinating war story and a compelling human mystery. Another new aspect of Gallipoli revealed - in fact I wouldn’t mind writing a poem about it. We’ll talk about that later.”

Jim Brown - Poet and Performer (

 Dear John. Thank you for sending a copy of your book. You have done a tremendous amount of research, but it is a story worth pursuing. My wife did some research on the story some years ago - she always said it would make a great film. 

I look forward to reading your book, yours sincerely Les Carlyon

Hello John. I've just finished the book, which has reignited my interest in the mystery woman at Gallipoli. I'm still inclined to [ spoiler deleted ] as the visitor. Mind you, I could be completely wrong. 

 I did enjoy your book, yours sincerely Denise Carlyon

It is rare to find books about women and war, so John Howell's book stands out from the crowd if only for that reason. But it is much more than simply an oddity.

Painstakingly researched, the book investigates the mystery of the only woman to have landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula. In November 1915 the woman suddenly appeared - in the middle of the fighting!

Who was that woman?

Once the author's interest was piqued he pursued the story in Australia, Turkey, London and northern England for six years. He pored over hundreds of love letters, documents and photographs from both museum and private collections.

What he has uncovered is an amazing story about love and war.

'The Australian Senior,' NSW, December 2014

John Howell’s book ‘The Only Woman at Gallipoli’ makes for an intriguing read; and with this title it certainly makes one want to delve into its contents.

This is John Howell’s first book and it is certainly well researched. It asks the question of who was the only woman at Gallipoli; the woman who came ashore and laid a wreath at the grave of a man who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery at Cape Helles, on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Was it his wife, or the other woman in his life?

The book however, goes beyond its compelling and even, deceptive title. We are drawn into the aftermath of WWI. The author’s informative account illustrates the consequences of the decisions made in the wake of that conflict, that still have worldwide ramifications today.

Kathy Smalley - Family & Local History Librarian Eastern Regional Libraries, Melbourne 30/7/2014

 “Many Congratulations! It’s a big achievement and I was extremely interested in the many parts which were unknown to me, or put a different interpretation to the usual on people or events.”

Sir Timothy Daunt - Historian and ex British Ambassador to Turkey, London

“I enjoyed reading your book - Congratulations! -and have passed it on to the team. Your analysis of who was that woman was really interesting and thought provoking … I love the mystery of it all.”

Elizabeth Chandler - Executive Producer of ‘Letters from Baghdad.’ New York

My congratulations on your book - I have just finished reading it and I am amazed at your research and perception.

Anne Pedley - Historian, Trustee & Archivist of the Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum Caernarfon Castle, North Wales

"I acquired a copy of your fine book a month or two ago. It has given me much pleasure and has interested a wide range of my friends."

Gwyn Bevan, Holyhead, Wales