The Only Woman at Gallipoli

Who was the only woman to step ashore in 1915?

The new book by JOHN HOWELL tells the amazing story


*Apart from some famous and classic books, a book has its time and runs its course in bookshops. The Only Woman at Gallipoli probably had its time in 2017 and 2018, and so the stockists listed below may not all be stockists, and might have very few copies left on their shelves.

Perhaps the best thing to do to get a copy of the book is to go to the Contact section, and talk to the author. You will end up with a signed copy at probably a lesser price than other sources!


It may sound strange, but the best place to buy a signed copy right now is at Heathmont Flowers, at 158 Canterbury Rd. Heathmont in Melbourne. Their phone number is (03) 9720 9746. They have sold many copies over the last five years.

Independent Bookshops: Belgrave Book Barn, and Rosebud Book Barn. (Limited stocks)

The Shrine of Remembrance Bookshop  - SOLD OUT


Australian War Memorial Bookshop  SOLD OUT


The book was available through AMAZON, but has been withdrawn. If it appears on any on-line site then it appears in error and is not available.

To my surprise there are many copies for sale, and some are signed but are early editions, and all are second-hand. They all seem to cost more than a new copy from the author!